We are in Dublin, Ireland. Paper, scissors and all kind of creaft items lying on a table. We are in the world of Aleanbh, the creator of AwesomeCards. It began about two years ago, when she was creating some personalised cards for a friend. And guess what? That friend enjoyed these cards so much that Aleanbh […]

Thanksgiving – The feast of Fall, Family and Food

When we think about Thanksgiving, we usually have the same pictures in our minds – such as a big dinner, a family reunion and lots of laughters. But actually, do we know where this feast comes from? Long time ago, in 1620 to be precise, the Pilgrims (the english colonists) went to North America with […]

Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for a Woman

Psst, this post concerns only men! Especially men desperately looking for a gift for their girlfriend, sister or mother – or maybe all of them. I have some good news for you: we aren’t sooo difficult to satisfy. You just need to find the most beautiful, breathtaking gift. That means, well, the perfect one! Instead of […]

7 Things you Should Do to Increase your Online Sales for Christmas

The end of the year is a wonderful period! You rest, you’re with your family, the atmosphere is serene and there are sweets, but… It is also the time of year with the most online purchases! Think about it: gifts, decorations, treats, greeting cards, table decorations… It isn’t a secret that e-commerce is growing steadily; […]

5 Ideas to Make the Best out of Rainy Days

This november is kind of… rainy. It is difficult to find motivation to go out, so we rather stay comfortably at home. But what can we do that this terrible weather doesn’t affect our mood and makes us want to do nothing? Here some tips and ideas to have a productive day while not putting […]

Human’s Dream of Flying Once Again Achieved by Jetman

What is the most common dream of people? Usually, we dream about having superpowers, such as being invisible, … and the most common one, to fly!  Well, there is a guy who was crazy enough to realize it by himself. His name? Yves Rossy, also known as Jetman – a sort of superhero! What makes […]

Pop Art is Back in your House with LarettArt

I have to warn you: once you read this post, you will want to change your home decor. I already think about the new design of my bedroom! Why? This is because I discovered the beautiful Shop of LarettArt. The Shop offers a large choice: from stools to tables, from earrings to magnets, from cushions […]

How to be a Real Geek in 4 Lessons

This concerns as well boys than girls! Being a geek isn’t a matter of gender, but a matter of interest: whether famous games, cult movies, addictive social networks or the good guys superheroes – everybody has a sort of geek side. It reminds us old memories or simply our passion! But I have to warn […]

How to Sell Food Products Online

This time, Blomming has the pleasure to introduce Daniele Vinci, who is responsible for ComunikaFood. He’s an expert in online marketing and sales for food and wine. He gave us great tips to stand out from the crowd in the world of E-shops selling food . I know what you’re thinking. Want to see if […]

DIY: New Look for your Laptop

We Blommers have the same best friend. He is always on our side, giving answers to everything, and is a great help for work. Exactly, we’re talking about our laptops . For example, I have mine for more than 4 years and he still works like in his younger days. There is only one thing… […]