“If I had to guess, Social Commerce is next to blow up”, reportedly said Mark Zukerberg in August 2010. He was launching Facebook Places, that is the interpretation number n-square-n of Social Commerce – or sort of, at least. The idea that Social Commerce is really at its beginnings, with trials, errors, business models experiments […]

Facebook Commerce Arise. And Blomming Has Its Solution

“As companies find ways to embed their e-commerce engines within social media, the market for social commerce will skyrocket, helped in part by new models for buying and by the availability of products developed specifically for social networking sites. By 2015, the dollar volume of goods sold through social media should rise sixfold, to $30 […]


After two months of non-stop work, with everybody asking whatever question you may think, we begin to understand how the startup life is…

Let’s Go

On Nov 23rd, 2010, Blomming has officially launched. Good luck Camaleo!