Blomming, the first Italian platform that allows individuals and businesses to sell through social networks, has completed its first year with great results. Over 45,000 creative products have been put on sale by an international community of more than 4,000 sellers, meeting the taste of the public who share their shopping experience with friends on […]

We’re In The 25. Thank You Tech Tour!

We are very proud to say that Blomming has been selected as one of the 25 companies, among more than 400 applicants, who presented at the Rome event of Southern Europe Tech Tour. With a great panel of mentors, investors and sponsors, the European Tech Tour is an incredibly valuable experience for young companies. Having […]

News: Blomming Is Now In Beta

Dear Blommers, Those of you who have been following us for a while know that Blomming is in continuous development. We started as a simple “widget” for blogs, then rapidly added the Facebook Store application, the search engine, “social” features and much more. Now we are introducing a new and very important tool: the Storefront for Websites and Blogs. You […]

Christmas 2011: The New Storefront For Independent Creativity

A new catalogue to rethink and live a new and exclusive shopping experience. Where the creativity of artists, designers, stylists and crafters meet together online. More than 26.000 unique objects to buy, comment, like or share with friends via Facebook or blogs. This is the spirit of our new Storefront. Here you can find our […]

Feedback We Love

We found this e-mail from Fatima this morning, and it was sooo nice that we really felt touched. Fatima has been so kind to let us publish it: Hello! I’ve finally managed to put things up on my Blomming Store. Thank you so much for such a lovely service you provide. It’s really easy & […]

Why Buy + State Of The Nation #1

We’re very happy to announce a new big step for us (indeed probably very small for humanity :). Our new Storefront is now online. Now you can shop also on Blomming, in addition to seller’s blogs, websites and Facebook Stores.

Summer News: Facebook Connect, Permalinks

During the summer we introduced two important new features: Facebook Connect and Permalinks. Facebook Connect To log into Blomming, or to create a new account, is now faster. Both in the Login and the Signup Page the Facebook Connect button is now available. This allows to enter Blomming without keying in user and password, but […]

Matteo Cascinari, new Partner and CEO

We are very happy to say that Matteo Cascinari, long experienced manager and angel investor, has joined Blomming as Partner and CEO. “I’m excited for being part of this team. The results of Blomming, that collected more than 13.000 products in few months, are the best index about the effectiveness of its model. E-commerce and […]

Facebook Driving Sales, Says eMarketer

“Shoppers Willing to Connect With Retailers on Facebook”, titles eMarketer. The idea is simple, and can be seen in the data below: we always chatted with our friends exchanging opinions about the products we use, love or hate. It ever happened, whatever the media. In the near past we did it on blogs and forums. And […]