A great way to improve your Blomming shop’s performances is having access to the traffic data that arrive in your shop. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can get tons of information about your visitors: how many they are, where they come from, if the visits convert (if they end up in a sale or not), […]

Valentine’s Day: Gift for Him

Valentine’s day is getting closer, and every year is full of people going crazy on choosing the right present for their sweetie. It could be the first time you celebrate together, so you got no idea of what to buy, or the nth time… and you just finished the ideas available. Do not worry: we are […]

A Japanese Corner, right from… Spain

If you like Japanese food, you would have probably heard the word Sakura used in tons of menus. It’s a very poetic and evocative term that recall the moment when “all the flowers blossom, in spring“. Isn’t it amazing? We are talking about it, to introduce a stunning new Blomming shop coming from Spain, called Sakura […]

Social Media Lovers: How to Choose the Items to Promote

As you already know, it’s not necessary having something to sell to participate in the Blomming community! Thanks to the Social Affiliation program, everyone can promote different products, earning a percentage, when these products are sold. If you are a Social Media Lovers, and you have a lot of followers on your blog or on social networks, […]

Scented Drawer Linens Bring New Life To Every Drawer

Today we would like to talk about a shop coming from Texas! Actually the real adventure starts in Taipei, China in 1987, when Paul and Margaret found a scented drawer liner. As they remember “Although the quality and design along with the fragrance was not great, they liked the product, and decided to buy some […]

Blomming Worth Double: 2013, the year of Growth

No, it is not the effect of Christmas feasts nor the alcohol swallowed on New Year’s Eve toasting … but we still see double. The fact is that Blomming has grown so much in 2013 that today has (more than) doubled its figures compared to 2012. We do not want to bore you with statistics and […]

Growing Plants On Your Balcony… Even In Big Cities

Have you ever heard about happy degrowth? It could seem an oxymoron to most of us, but instead it’s a successful idea that is catching on into young and innovative enterpreneurs’ projects. It is substantially the deep value of “living better consuming less” through, for example, the practices of self-sufficiency: the possibility to eat just […]

Boost Your Sales: Yes, You Can. Try Videos

As you probably know, one of Blomming’s latest updates is the option of adding a Youtube video to every product of your Shop for a better display and promotion. Videos can be  all-around content: photos, music, practical explanations, production processes, personal stories and so on. They also allow any Seller to approach the user in a direct way and […]

Go Gas Free: Outdoor Entertainment Knows No Limits

Christmas is over and the new year has come full of good intentions, mostly linked to get fit before summer. Yes, it looks far from now, but it always nice to think of outdoor activities to not only have fun but also get fit. Seems like a good deal, right? Today we want to introduce […]

DIY: Create Your Own Slippers to Keep Your Feet Warm

Brrr, the winter isn’t going to go away so soon. I thought I would get used to the cold, but that was a big lie to myself! And what are the parts of the body which are suffering the most? Yes, the feet. We probably all have a collection of about 40 pair of socks, […]