How to make your new Year’s Eve Party the Event of the Year!

Categories: Smart Ideas, Tutorials By Severine Kaiser

happy new yearToday’s Christmas, you enjoy the relaxing atmosphere but in few days you have a reason to stay awake until early in the morning! Of course, it is New Year’s Eve – Christmas has not even passed by and we’re already excited about the (soon) unforgettable event. And, so, this year you decided that the party of the year will be at your place? Pretty brave, aren’t you, especially because it’s in only few days. Ok, as you accept the challenge, here some useful tips and ideas to make it as unforgettable as possible!

new yearI know this sounds obvious, but make sure you have enough snacks and drinks – people are where the food is! Salty and sweet. What about the real dinner? If you have too many guests, you have two options: or they come after dinner, or you order a catering (which makes everyone happy but it has its costs). If you invite less than 15 people, you can cook something easy to do but tasty. The drinks are inevitable also: but don’t try to propose your guests the whole card of a bar, opt for one or two cocktails.


The music is VERY important. You cannot please everybody, so elaborate a playlist with a bit of everything or warn your guests when you invite them that there will be particularly Pop, Electro, or whatever style you like. You can find a lot of playlists online to help you organize, they will put everybody in the festive mood!

Okay, you have food, music and a good mood – but even a new year’s party cannot be without games. Need ideas? Ask every guest to write down his NY resolution, put all the papers in a bowl, take turns reading the papers and guess who wrote it. You will be surprised by some revelations! If you’re not afraid to act childish, what about this: hide the party favours you prepared, divide the guests in two groups and… the treasure hunting can begin! The group which found the most wins of course, but be prepared to see them fighting for winning;)

366024A.TIF Your friends can be a great help – not ony for preparing the decorations, but also for quite everything else. For example, if you have a DJ friend, allow him to be the star of the evening. You know a photographer, ask him if he wants to immortalize your party (you can even have a stand with a poster behind where everybody can get photographed!).

We hope you’ll have a great time during the New Year’s Eve!