Ideas of New Year’s Resolutions for Your Blomming Shop

Categories: Seller Tips By Severine Kaiser

ef707021510966629c883de78cdff843I’m so excited! Tomorrow evening, the final countdown will begin – ready for the new year and its surprises? We at Blomming are absolutely ready for it! And, as usual, we want to be the best Help for our Blommers to have a bright business. So, of course we are all thinking about personal resolutions, but it can also be a nice idea for your Blomming Shop! Here some hints:

1. Your Shop is full of amazing products? Time to promote them!
We know, you share your products on your Facebook Page (where you also have your Blomming Shop integrated) and on other social networks. And this is the right thing to do! But did you also already enable the Social Affiliation? Promoter can share your products and give you better visibility. You can first present this feature to your friends, colleagues and family and the products that they like and share will be seen in their own communities.
new year22. No time for staticity!
Time for some refreshing! Whether your homepage, your Blomming Shop, your Blog or your social networks: it is time for change. Update new products, get a new design for your homepage, create some “Happy New Year” cover pictures for your Facebook and Twitter Account… The year is changing, and so does your business. Think especially of your website/main Blog: social networks are usually getting traffic to the main page, so if your website looks like new with additional informations or even discounts, it will look even more appealing and generate more traffic!

3. Building a big(ger) community
That can also be a goal: exceeding X fans on Facebook, X followers on Twitters and Pinterest… By sharing regularly interesting facts about your Shop, discounts or beautiful pictures, it will surely grow. But don’t forget that Pinterest is a great tool to promote your own products: the more you post beautiful pictures about your products and you follow people, the more you will be followed back and get interesting.
new year14. Listen to your customers
The best contact you have to them, the better it is, obviously. You don’t know how to make customers happy? check out our tips!

But, hey, keep in mind: resolutions are not what you should do. They are what you think is right and what you really want to do! We wish all our Blommers a Happy New Year and may 2014 be rich in sales!;)