An Effective Marketing Strategy? Try the Word of Mouth

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On Blomming you can open your online Shop and Sell your products all over the world.  But, you still have to get those customers to find your store… so how do you do it? Word of Mouth can be one answer :)

Since man began to sell, about 5,000 years ago, the word-of-mouth is a great business tool. Stop and think how many times you asked an indication for any friend or acquaintance about a particular product or service you need to buy/use.  Mostly all the times right?

Buzz Marketing is a marketing technique that attempts to make each encounter with a consumer appear to be a unique, spontaneous and personal exchange of information instead of a marketing pitch. It is an evolution of our well known Word of Mouth.


All techniques of word of mouth marketing concepts are based on customer satisfaction, two-way dialogue and transparent communication. The basic elements are:

  • Educate people about your products and services.
  • Identify enough people who share your views.
  • Provide tools for the information to be easily shared.
  • To study how, where, and when opinions are shared.
  • To listen and respond to colleagues, enemies or neutral.

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Research indicates that the word of mouth marketing is more effective than other types of advertisement  This is because the sources of word of mouth are much more convincing since the motivation of our friends is not to sell us something but to show us a solution that meets our needs from their own experiences.  It is also highly unlikely that we point out something to our friends that they are not interested  for the simple fact of knowing them and knowing what, in fact, matters for them.

The phenomenon of social networking through the web 2.0 gave a gigantic scale to this kind of marketing strategy. A satisfied customer today may, through a Social Network, indicate a company, product or service to 10, 100, 1000 or more people in a huge speed.

Facebook has gained more strength on this area since people have realized that it is much nicer to ask about something they are looking for to their friends rather than to Google for example. So, use your network to spread your work around. Your friends and family are great resources and you should use them. Ask them to help by sharing your online Shop through their Social Media personal accounts, comment on pictures or share yours to their friends.


Once your Shop is spread don’t forget to write interesting posts on your page to keep your audience. Also, try to never forget to keep an eye on what people are talking about you. A rapid response to potential claims is vital to prevent the spread of negative rumors about your product or activity. Always remember that new Media are vehicles to propagate sensational acclaim, they are also powerful tools for dissatisfied consumers  to disseminate their criticism.

 Besides that, get involved. Get active on Blomming’s Community by commenting on other sellers’ pages. Build a relationship with them so that you can help each other by sharing tips, posts, doing actions together as a give away for exemple.

A good way to start?  Like our Faceook Page and interact with us and others there.

Happy Sharing!