Why You Should Consider Buying Bio Cosmetics

Categories: Health & Beauty By Severine Kaiser

COVER bioAlmost every woman has a bag full of make-up – whether lipstick, mascara or kajal, each one has its preferences. But now, I decided to change a bit my purchasing habit. I’m not talking about trying a different tool, it’s about a vision: I’m done with artificial make-up, I want to move to natural ones! It isn’t only a step for the nature, but also for yourself. There are much more benefits than you may think. Not convinced? Take 5 minutes and you’ll surely be!

Our best friends with four paws will be grateful: it is common that cosmetics are tested on animals for their safety and efficacity. Of course, it isn’t the case with natural ones: they are tested in laboratories, without any animals. But it is also an earth-friendly gesture – because yes, it has also an enviromental impact. During the manufacturation of those products, many chemicals are released in the air and water, even arriving at your home. You’ll have fewer chemicals in the air/water if the beauty products are farmed and manufactured organically.

skiiinThink about your skin! I mean, it has to support all your make-up, so it deserves our attention. With natural products, you can avoid a number of problems we all experienced: may it be redness, breakouts, irritation and so on. They are working as a second skin and are much more safe of use. Why? they have less ingredients than usual beauty products besides them being natural; and everything is tested by dermatologists.

bio cosmeticsAlso, natural cosmetics don’t block your pores, and your skin doesn’t feel “different” (oily, shiny or dry), with the natural ingredients you avoid easily any side effect. Their hypo-allergenic use helps reducing the risk of allergic reaction, and is recommended for sensitive skin.

And, last but not least, think about that one: in common products, the smell of chemicals are covered by artificial fragrances; sometimes all those chemical smells can cause headaches; while natural products smell like their natural ingredients. If they are scented with natural essential oils, they can even be a nice aromatherapy! You didn’t know your nose could suffer too, no?

Are you as interested as we are? I guess so, and this is why, especially for you, there is the Bio-Cosmetics Collection>>