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marta p necklace A small studio surrounded by a breath taking landscape at Lecco, northern Italy, is the origin of the amazing and unique handmade necklaces that you can find at MartaP‘s store that are now on Sale!

io2 Marta Pirolli is a 37 years old Graphic Designer which currently lives in Lecco, a city located between the  lake and mountains. This location is very important for her since she loves nature and it is her main source of inspiration for her work.
Since she was a little girl, she always enjoyed drawing, sewing clothes and creating necklaces for her friends. At the age of 18 she left Liguria, her hometown, to attend the European Institute of Design in Milan. Life made her pursue a career in graphic design but the love for handmade things remained.
studio2 A few years ago she had the desire to create necklaces to sell to the public. It all started with a piece of clay that she got her sister; it gave her the idea to create cute components for jewelry. Her pieces comes from a romantic and refined spirit but also have a touch of modernity thanks to the diamonds, rubies and emeralds made with laser cut. Her inspiration? Nature and past.
“I like searching through old things, in the antique markets to find inspiration in romantic items that have been forgotten.”
biancacollection The next collection, which will be released this winter, will have a little retro taste with porcelain as a key element.  This time the material was worked with old Corzetti, a traditional pasta from Liguria, models (see picture below) that she found in her grandmother’s house
corzetti I can’t wait to see her next collection. How about you? But waiting for it, let’s  enjoy the huge discounts in her actual collection.