Welcome Matane Shop

Categories: Design, Fashion By Francesco Bassetti

matane shop-alba marin grau

We are very happy to welcome Mataneshop, a wonderful new addition to the Blomming family! This shop joined us just yesterday, but we can tell already that they will be very successful with us in the times to come.

travel bag-matane shop

This shop acts as a platform that shows the latest works of young artists and designers, where fashion accessories and organic cosmetics are brought together and sold to an enthusiastic audience that follows their activities on Facebook. They state that: ‘Our goal is to give customers the ability to find exclusive and original design piecesĀ for a very attractive price.’ Furthermore, they enable these producers to expose their work to an internationl audience of potential buyers which creates a win-win situation for both the producer and consumer.

matane shop-fleur de maurice

On their online shop you can find all sorts of brilliant products as well as on their facebook page, where interesting stories and items are a daily occurance. And what’s more now, obviously, you can find them on Blomming. Enjoy their shop and Happy Blomming!