Wear Your Records

Categories: Jewelry, Necklaces, Rings By Francesco Bassetti

vinyl ring-turntable ring-turntable jewellery

TonyPrecious is a DJ, and as with all DJ’s music is his bread and butter. He has come up with a stunning idea for rings and necklaces: turntable shaped jewellery! At this shop you can buy these wonderful silver turntable rings, which is a must for all vinyl collectors and music lovers in general. Wear it on your finger to represent your true musical values: wear your records!

turntable necklace-vinyl necklace-turntable jewellery

Alternatively you can go for one from the collection of Turntable necklaces. These you can buy in all colours, whether in pink or with a wooden deck or, once again, in silver. Each is beautiful and made to a high specification and each comes with a silver chain to hang around your neck. This line of jewellery is a true must for all those music lovers out there, so make sure you order yours whilst they are still around. Check out TonyPrescious’ shop or have a look at his Facebook page. Happy Blomming!

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