We Young: Beautiful and Out of the Box T-shirt

Categories: Fashion, Shopping By Valentina Sangiovanni

We-Young February is finished already and this, in my opinion, means just one thing: Spring is coming! Days are getting longer, sun shines everyday a little more, and we should start thinking about replacing the winter clothes: pull out the spring jackets, short and light dresses, a lots of t-shirt or… well, we can buy new one! t-shirt-we-young-heart-queen The shop we’re going to introduce you today, is called  We Young, but as you can imagine, their clothes aren’t made just for young people. Their printed t-shirt, with fresh and inspired design, are great for everybody who wants to rock, surprise others and express their personality.

t-shirt-we-Young-freddy-Mercury We Young handles both male and female clothing and despite they are not just dealing with t-shirt, we can say they are their top article. The designs you see on every t-shirts is original, while all the prints are made using a special water treatment, that creates the beautiful and charming aged effect. 

t-shirt-we-young-cowboyThe brand We Young is aiming at people who want to wear easy and casual clothes, still… with a crazy touch. We Young’s proper style si definied by attention to details and the attractive design, together with materials and style in constant evolution.


Often inspired by icon people or pop objects the t-shirts We Young are made for us to dress in unconvential ways, allowing us, to be a bit provocative about our weird era.

If you want to stay update, about We Young’s next collections, visit their Facebook page!