Wall Stickers: The Trend In Interior Design

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Some time ago, the first alternative to change a room decoration was through creative painting, which although very efficient has high costs and is quite complicate to do.  Another option always involved placing paintings or posters and with it  the need to make studs, damaging the wall. In addition, restricted to rectangular shapes or other common geometric shapes that second option do not allowed motion or abstract shapes.
Nowadays, if you are planning on giving a new look to your house but doesn’t have much money available to do so , you should  bet on the new trend in interior design;  wall stickers.

http://www.blomming.com/mm/labyrinthbcn/sections/25515/items?view_type=thumbnailWall Stickers come in different shapes, colors and styles. The barriers to entry with the application of wall stickers is low – quite literally anyone, without any prior interior design skill or knowledge, can get started transforming a wall easily. Wall stickers don’t require the services of an interior designer, a painter, or even someone who’s handy with a brush and the best part? If you change your mind about where you placed your sticker, or even if you decide you want to remove it there is no problem! Just peel, and start over.
Many Blomming shops offer authentic works of art that can be placed in a few seconds and give a dash of color while also revitalize the space you have without spend a lot!

Wall Stickers

What about this one for the Kids room? They can draw on it! Once they are done, just clean it with water and they can start all over again.

Free Your Creativity

Are you a grown up that would love to write on your walls too? How about this one?

Write on you Wall

So, let’s decorate? For more ideas of  interior decor, go to our Pinterest boards dedicated to Interior and Home Decor. It is always full with creative ideas for make your house each time more a home.

Happy Blomming!