Wonders To Wear: Vintage Style

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Vintage means something classic, antique and that has excellent quality. It can also be seen as new pieces that keep that classic look inspired in the past. It is more than a trend: it is a lifestyle that retrieves the looks of the 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950 and 1960.

Skirt and top: GoldenYearsVintage Shoes: DiamondGarret Bag: beFIGUS

Skirt and top: GoldenYearsVintage
Shoes: DiamondGarret
Bag: beFIGUS

 If you have an appreciation for classic styles, or just the desire to wear something unique, vintage clothing and accessories can be great additions to your closet.

But how to choose your special vintage style? Some of us love the style when see it in other people but is a little bit afraid of wearing it and be “out-dated”. For those, I let here a tip:  the key to wearing vintage is to combine it with modern items.

If you wear a skirt, use a colorful blouse for example. With an amazing vintage top like the one from GoldenYearsVintage , try mix it with a well cut jeans. A dress? Innovate on the shoes, colored ones or boots bring freshness to your look. You will see how amazing you will look. Still not convinced? Why won’t start slowly  with accessories like those amazing sun-glasses from falcoboutiquecaivano1? We all know how accessories can bring a new soul to a usual look.


Currently some brands proved that vintage style is experiencing a “remake” and doing more and more new pieces with glits of the glamorous past.

But for those which thinks that it is only a fashion trend, it is not: It’s the past that comes back in a look full of creativity and bringing attached the concept that things should always be recycled and recreated.

Amazing Interior Design Vintage Ideas from Vintage and Chic.

Amazing Interior Design Vintage Ideas on our Pinterest  By:Vintage and Chic.

At Blomming shops  you can find lovely vintage articles for you, your house and your life. And for inspiration check also our Pinterest Vintage Board. It’s always filled with the best items and ideas for bring it to your life.