A Vintage Venture

Categories: Fashion, Shopping, Vintage By Francesco Bassetti

vintage camera-polaroid-vintage polaroid

Vintage clothing, vintage accessories, vintage glasses, vintage bags, vintage bikes … the list goes on and there is no denying that Vintage as a style is living a golden moment as it becomes ever more popular.

vintage dress-60 dress-red vintage dress

Here on Blomming we have a wonderful collection of all kinds of vintage products. Velvet cave is a brilliant example of this, with her swinging-sixties style clothing she really embodies the Vintage spirit: the above mini dress is made using vintage fabrics and red tartan to re-create that sixties feel, and I can assure you that it is a real head turner.

vintage glasses-vintage accessories-vintage frames-vintage reading glasses

And our vintage repertoire is not only limited to clothes. We have vintage glasses as shown above…. And vintage cameras, whose photos cannot be reproduced by the modern day digital versions, no matter how much you try with instagram and other plug ins.

vintage bike-vintage mens bike-bycicle-vintagebycicle

So now that you’ve got your camera, dress and glasses all you need is a vintage bike to move around with. Check out OrcoCicli where you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for, as these vintage replicas are made upon demand and to fit.

Make sure you check out our Vintage Look Collection for a real vintge venture in clothing!