Usb Tribe: our Favourite Superheroes become Amazing Usb Keys

Categories: Accessories, Design, Smart Ideas By Valentina Sangiovanni


How can you match technology and fun? This is the question the guys from Usb Tribe, have been wandering on. Answer is quite simple: changing the boring everyday objects into creative, colorful and small design masterpieces. They could be inspired by superheroes, iconic cars or typical Japanese characters, it’s not important! Their purpose is giving us a smile during a boring Tuesday afternoon!


The beautiful Usb Tribe keys keep increasing the phenomenon known as toys objects, already popular in different product categories. It became almost a craze that mix collecting, gadget and design, with a slightly nerd touch!


The Usb Tribe keys are available in different sizes and inspired so many characters or cult objects, that everyone can choose to ease their days at the office, with the toy object that best represents him or her. Usb Tribe products can also be a great gift idea or collector’s item, or they can be even used as a useful keychain to take always with you.


In the Usb Tribe’s shop you’ll find a waste range of usb keys, available at different sizes, that become whatever you like: Hello Kitty, Maya Bee, The Hulk or Iron Man. Which one is right for you?

usb-tribe-thorIf you want to stay updated about Usb Tribe newest items, follow them on their Blomming shop or on their Facebook Page.