Unique Hand-Painted Shoes

Categories: Accessories, Shoes By Francesco Bassetti

personalized shoe-monkey garage shoe-autumn shoe-leaves shoeMonkey Garage art&Co. is a new brand who focus on the creation and styling of shoes. The bizarre image that this company name evokes is in fact reminiscent of the idea that Monkeys are the only animal, other than man, that take pleasure in the practice of painting. This, combined with the garage as a workshop from where these products can emerge, forms an image that is highly representative of this company as an organisation that values art in their own particular way.

pop art shoe-painted shoe-personalized ballerina shoeEach shoe is a unique piece that you will never find anywhere else, it’s a great way to have a one-off foot garment that brims with personality and style. From abstract paintings on trainers to pop art reminiscent pieces on ballerina shoes, this shop really has bucket loads of character.

personalized shoe-hand painted sheo-paint on shoe-unique shoes-wing shoesIf you want to stand out check out their shop on Blomming.