Todo Design Have The Solution

Categories: Design, Furniture By Francesco Bassetti

todo design-wooden tables-bottle table-personalize tables

Todo design is one of our favourite shops. We’ve spoken about them before but this time we want to point out their new line of design tables, that we are sure everyone will love.

design table-table with bottles-wooden table with bottles-bottle legs-bottle table-wooden table

These innovative designs for tables, that have a high potential for being personalized through both your selection of bottles and what you choose to adorn them with, are an excellent example of the way this shop unites innovation with an eye for aesthetics. Their use of creativity whilst keeping a simple design is a great template for the creation of products that are sure to satisfy any customer wishing to add a little something to their home environment.

wooden table-todo design bottle table-bottles and wood for table

Just take a look at their facebook page to see countless examples of this style of modern design, whose minimalism is juxtaposed to a meticulous attention to detail and results in real eye-catchers. Examples of this can be seen both in the architectural projects that they exhibit on their facebook page, as well as the products that they sell, making it a trademark of theirs which distinguishes this shop from so many others that attempt to do design; its no coincidence that they in fact are: todo design ;)