Tile: Never Spend Time Searching For Your Keys Again.

Categories: Future, Smart Ideas By Laís Fulgencio


Who has never lost their keys or forgotten which corner of the house dropped the purse can throw the first stone! Tile is, a small device that was created to help with these minor daily inconveniences. Just pin it on the item you want to monitor and voilà.
Like several other amazing ideas, the Tile also became a reality due to collective financing. Its creators asked for $ 20,000 to produce it, but received more than $ 1 million investment, all coming from people who believed in the potential of the Tile.


Tile tracks the object within a radius of up to 45 meters and shows on your mobile screen if you are near or far to find it. It can also make a sound so you can find it easily. As the distance monitoring is not large, the device also allows a kind of collective aid. So, if your bike -or anything else you attached the Tile to.. like your dog maybe?- get stolen or lost, just mark as a public lost item and all devices in which  the application is installed will search for that object. When some other Tile user passes near the location where you belong is, a notification with the location will be sent to you. It’s ‘the world’s largest lost and found’.

The best part? Since the Tiles use Bluetooth rather than GPS, they never run out of battery or need to be charged, and they last for one year before needing to be replaced. And even though the app uses the Cloud to alert you if your Tile is detected by other smartphones, this doesn’t give other people access to your account informations. ‘The Tile team takes your security really seriously: “Only you and the Tile users you’ve explicitly shared your Tiles with can search for your Tiles.’
The only down? At least for Android users like me? It’s only avaliable for Apple OS.



I really want one, no … two… no… ten! How about you?