Tie-ups: Light and Colorful Belts, suitable for Every Style

Categories: Accessories By Valentina Sangiovanni

Tie-UpsToday we won’t talk about craft and artisanal work, not in the most classical way, at least. We would like to tell you what happen, when one of the most traditional and ancient accessory – the belt - totally changes its way, becomes surprising and decides to show up in unusual colors and uncommon materials! The belt, has always been used, to distinguish different degrees in civil, military or religious scopes. Even in the field of martial arts, the belt is used to mark different stages, so it’s easy to assume how this accessory has been, in the past, a proper status symbol! In contrast to this “sacred level of tradition” tie-ups has born: a brand, founded in 2007, that choose to cut off the link between the belt and its past.Tie-Ups-Multicolored-Belts

Tie-ups’s belts are very different from whatever you have seen before: they show up in multicolored, biodegradable plastic! The whole shop, tie-ups, it’s a colors’s explosion: you’ll find just hypoallergenic, lightweight and waterproof belt (you can even washing machine them!).

Totally new belts, drawn from the tradition but in constant development, thanks to the endless research made by the company. If you look at Tress you’ll see ,how the brand converted the traditional braided pattern into a modern one, totally modular and totally merged into the brand’s philosophy!tie-ups-plastic-belt

Materials, shapes and styles are changed a lot from the first model, made in 2006, but the brand is still looking for constant changes and development. With tie-ups the meanings of lightness, creativity and style are completely switched, while we can enjoy the best level of expression and interpretation!tie-ups-package-belt

Even the package is developed around the concept of modernity and style: tie-ups sell his belts in an elegant and transparent box made ​​of transparent polycarbonate, that give the whole product a high level impact.