They Draw and Cook: A Fresh and Intuitive Way To Experience Recipes

Categories: Food & Wine By Laís Fulgencio


Nate and Salli are brother and sister, one day while he cooked and she drew food, they invented the site They Draw & Cook; a creative fusion of art, cooking and social media.

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Nate and Salli came up with the idea of They Draw & Cook while on a family vacation. Nate was trying to recreate a favorite dish – fettucine with figs in a balsamic butter sauce – while Salli sat at the counter with her watercolors painting the crate of figs. This led them to realize how fun it was to illustrate food. They then started talking about creating a little recipe book for friends, family, and clients. They asked some of their artist pals to help, but never got enough recipes to justify printing a book, so Nate built a quick blog and Salli started to spread the word – it spread fast! 

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Today the site has a giant database of  over 1,000 recipes for main dishes, desserts, drinks and appetizers designed by people around the world! Dishes are actually illustrated in many different styles by professional and amateur artists. It is a fresh, innovative and intuitive way to experience recipes online.
To facilitate the research the website counts with a powerful search engineer with numerous options to refine your search. It also has a interactive world map where we can discover an incredibly diverse range of global creations from the U.S., Ukraine, Brazil, Belgium, Japan, Croatia, the Philippines, India and everywhere in between .


I love to cook and to try new recipes and so my favorite feature is a Jackpot machine that chooses for you a good combination of appetizer, main dish and desert. If you choose Salli, only vegetarian recipes will be chosen, with Nate however, anything is possible.


What are you waiting for trying it ?

Happy Cooking!