Qcamera: the Camera connected to Social Media

Categories: Future, Inspirational, Smart Ideas By Severine Kaiser

QcamAre you prepared for the must-have tech-item of the month? I’m asking you this because I’m already opening my wallet… But back to the story. I have never been lucky with cameras. Or they take the worst pictures of the most breathtaking landscape, or they are dying quickly by falling into the pool. And, finally, I’m too lazy to put them on Facebook. Story of your life, also? But it seems that somebody heard our despair! And I’m not talking about Canon or Sony. No, it’s the story of a small swedish company, theQ, who created THE camera of the year. It is called the Qcamera and it is a technological treasure.

Where should I begin? Okay, with the most innovative part. You don’t need to connect your camera to your PC to share your pictures on the internet!  It has 3G, so you just have to slide a SIM card inside and you can automatically upload your pictures to the website you want: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr… Be connected! Once you are a new Qcamera owner, you’ll have a membership for the Qlab dedicated to online storage.

But there are even more, many more great functions to discover! Beginning with… his waterproofeness. Finally, we can be under water until 3 feet, and over half an hour, to take pictures of the underwater world. And there is a ring flash surrounding the lens, useful as a selfie timer indication and to take better pictures at night.


The camera sees the world through a 24mm f/2.4 manual focus lens. 9 Photofilters are integrated, reminding us of Instagram. And for the lazy people among us: three shooting modes are already pre-set. Don’t worry about design: it is available in 9 different colors.

With the motto “Shut up and Shoot”, the camera is “idiot-proof” (they are saying that, not me!) and I think I will be the next one pre-ordering it;)