Which Social Network Is “The One” For Your Business?

Categories: Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Seller Tips, Twitter By Laís Fulgencio


Nowadays, everybody knows that social networks are very important for any business! It allows us to understand the expectations and desires of our viewers, inform, involve and obtain valuable information about the current trend or direction that our market is taking. The choice today is really wide: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Foursquare, how to choose the right channel of dialogue with your audience?
The community and the dynamics that are created on social networks do not differ that much from offline relationships: as in real life you have to understand where your target audience is and how your potential customers are acting on social networks. This is not only to identify where to find the largest number of users possible, but you have to ask yourself which are your goals and wich way (photos, short sentences, videos, articles, etc..) helps you to better transmit your message.

Who is your audience and where are they?

First you must understand which your market segment is. Would your products/activities be address only to a female public, a male one or mixed? Your custumers may be divided by geographic area, by language or specific interests… In general, we already know our audience, but where can we find them? Fortunately, today the internet offers us many tools to analyze our market segment and figure out where they “hang out” online. Do specific searches on Google and control the competitors’ behavior, might be a good start.


When and how active is your audience?

Another point on which we should focus is time. Everything runs very quickly, especially on social networks. If you do not want your messagges (posts, photos, links, and advertisements) to get lost, it is appropriate to sync it with your readers. Try to understand when they are more active and / or receptive (could be in the afternoon, on Tuesday evening or weekend) and regulate your business activities “on the same clock” of your followers / fans.
Once you understand when your audience is more active remember not to overload them with billions of posts, but  also do not let them forget about your existence. If you contact a young audience, which has plenty of free time and is often on social networks, it is likely that the exchanges and interactions that you will receive will be higher than those of an older audience.


What is your purpose?

Once you have determined your target audience you will have to analyze your purpose. Do you want to build a community? Do you want to sell a product? Do you want to retain the existing customers? Some social networks work best to introduce new products and to talk about yourself while others are excellent vehicles to sell or launch advertising campaigns. For example you could have a big audience on Twitter, but that’s not the best tool to launch a marketing campaign… maybe Facebook works better for it.

How to transmit your message?
With so many different channels available is important to choose the right one for your message. If you want to show pictures for your viewers Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook will be fine, if you want to create video tutorials try to grow your YouTube channel instead of links on Twitter, if you want to do a survey Linkedin is probably better than Google; to do quick, funny/inspirational short messages  Twitter will be perfect.


And remember, social networks allow us to create a personalized experience for every audience and market. Do not go mad trying to be everywhere, but rather spend time trying to figure out which one best fits your purpose.

Overview of Major Social Network:

Facebook: is undoubtedly the most known and the most populous social network with around 1.5 million users. It’s easy to use and have thousand of apps for it. Despite the many restrictions, it will continue to be one of the most used social channels, so I would say that it is essential to be present in it. Try to understand the internal dynamics because most of your prospective customers are right there.

Twitter: As Facebook, Twitter counts with a remarkable number of members. Thanks to its use by celebrities, is the social network that has grown more in recent months (400% in the last year). With Twitter you can share short messages, visible to a wide audience, which will be useful to launch flash sales, raise awareness about the release of a new collection or curiosities, and news.

Pinterest: If your online shop is design to sell, Pinterest is designed to attract and seduce. It’s the most influential social network in the field of marketing, thanks to the extensive use of images – and we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words – it’s easy, fast and make an impact. Perfect to stimulate the reactions of customers and let them say “I want it!”