The Person of the Year is…. YOU!

Categories: Inspirational By Francesco Bassetti

social people-person of the year

This saturday I want to talk about the most important person out there. It isn’t an oilgarc, or a finance king or even the head of a State, but rather it is You: you who are a social individual and engage in worldwide conversations everyday on the internet and social media. In 2006 Times magazine had predicted this by choosing to elect the most influential person of the year as You. Today this is ever more true as the influence of Social Media and communication via internet continues to grow exponentially. If you are interested read this article on the Somazi website, it is both inspiring and very pertinent to everything that goes on here on Blomming. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility… Have a great weekend!

most influential person-person of the year-time magazine- Time cover 2006-You are the most influential person-power of the social individual