The New Blomming Product Page Arrives On Facebook And Blog

Categories: Blomming News By Laís Fulgencio


Some time ago we launched the new design of  Blomming Product Page : more modern, larger images and thought to highlight your Shop. (we talked about it here). It is functional and has an attractive look that all loved and it is only the beginning!
Today, the re-design of the product page also comes to all Facebook Shops and to all integrated  Shop on blogs and personal sites through the Embed. And not only that, there are also two important developments.


More Products at a Glance: Now you can find in every product page a preview of four recommended products of the same Shop: So your visitors can have a wider idea of what they can find on your shop and are encouraged to browse through the products, easily finding the perfect one to buy.


The Magic Words: When you want to buy online you can have nasty surprises when comes to shipping costs. It is a factor that can easily stop a customer purchase. For this propose, special promotions such as free shipping can be the right move to increase sales.
As we know, communication is everything so from now on each product with shipping set to 0€ will receive a highlighted label. A small change, big impact!
What are the advantages?


The Seller is Important: The seller information are now  in evidence which help visitors to have greater security about the purchase. Enrollment date, Location, Number of Sales (if more than 5) and the possibility of direct contact will appear at the top of every product page.



Sharing is Easier. Thanks to the buttons of the main Social Network it only take a moment to share a product on your own profile: a great promotional tool for the seller, and a fun and immediate way for visitors to share what they like.
You also can click to copy the permalink (the link in the gray box) and paste it where you want (email, newlsetter, blogs, banners …).


A Well Care Shop Invites Shopping. The new design of the product page shows better images, descriptions and information about the method of payment and shipping, and so every seller must ensure that their data are complete. And thanks to new products suggested the potential sales increase, so it is important to update the shop with new products! For customers, the shopping experience is easier and faster thanks to the integrated shopping cart.

To get the new design, the Sellers do not have to do anything: the update is completely automatic. Go now to see it in your Facebook and on your Blog Shop!

You haven´t  tried these features ? Here’s how do it: Facebook Shop / Embed on Blog and websites.
Happy Blomming!