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Comic Con Fans Attend The Annual Convention In San Diego

The city of San Diego, California (USA) was, during the last week, the entertainment capital because of another edition of the Comic-Con.
The annual celebration of comic books and related pop culture kicked off last Thursday and wrapped up on Sunday — after four full days of film screenings, autograph signings and expert panels – with a panel against bullying. “In more than forty years, this is the first time that we talk openly about bullying at Comic-Con,” says Chase Masterson, responsible for organizing the panel. Masterson began the conversation by asking who had suffered some type of aggression in the room in the last ten years and still remembered. Almost 90% of the room raised their hands.

Comic-Con Fans Attend The Annual Convention In San Diego
Created in 1970 as a gathering of comic book fans, Comic-Con has changed a lot in profile. Today, artists, illustrators and writers of comics divided attention, in a quite uneven way, with directors, actors and producers of feature films and TV series and nowadays is there where Hollywood gives some of its most anticipated premieres .But movies related to superheroes still have great prominence. Marvel Studios, for example, the list of firsts for 2013 and 2014 is large: besides the sequel to “The Avengers,” were presented excerpts of the sequences of “Thor” and “Captain America” and the new “Guardians of the Galaxy” we have Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana in the cast. Still in the area of the heroes, another panel exhibited the first part of “X-Men: Days of future past”, new part of the saga of the mutants, and gave more details about the new movie “Wolverine”. But what caused the most noise was the ad director of “Man of Steel,” Zack Snyder, that film starring Henry Cavill will be a continuation and, even more, with the participation of Batman.
With this new profile, the San Diego International Comic-Con  became the leading event of  pop culture of the United States, having become in the last decade, an obligatory reference for fans, professionals and amateurs working in comics, TV series, video games and movies.
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