The First Sustaintable Newsstand In The World

Categories: Future, Smart Ideas By Laís Fulgencio


Here on Blomming , we love innovation. So what about this one: Who has ever bought an entire  magazine or newspaper to read only one or two article could please rise their hand? And have you also thought the amount of waste of paper (and money!) that is caused by the leftover journals and magazines that are not purchased at newsstands, and that have to be returned to the publisher? Imagine, everyday, all over the world… it´s a huge amount.
With the advent of tablets and smartphones it reduced a little but some people still like to read the news on it´s original form. Now someone thought of a solution for this waste of paper and money.
A newspaper stand called Meganews, located in Stockholm, Sweden, is the first in the world to feature a system of instant impression or as they call: Periodicals on Demand. On Meganews the customers can choose what they want to read between over 200 publications and only pay the price set by that material wanted. After two minutes, the newspaper is printed and can be taken home.


Besides helping the environment, this new method has 60% lower emissions of fossil greenhouse gases then the traditional way, this idea can greatly reduce production costs of magazines and newspapers, helping the print media market that is not in its best days since ‘Meganews reduces publishers’ costs for distribution and logistics. It is also more environmentally responsible and saves on transportation and the product is a direct response to the growing need for on-demand printing.’


Several of Sweden’s leading publishers are participating in the project, including Bonnier Tidskrifter, Aller Media, Albinson & Sjöberg, LRF Media, IDG, Talentum and Medströms. Over the next six months the stand will be tested in airports, hotels, hospitals, grocery stores and other malls across the country. Watch the video below that explains more about this innovation:

Fantastic idea – is more than time it be replicated in other countries.

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