The Easiest Strawberry Tart Recipe

Categories: Arts & Crafts, Food & Wine, Tutorials By Maria Marinelli

strawberry tart

This is one of those quick recipes to create the yummiest dessert. When I think of Spring I think of strawberries and picnics in the park. And what would a picnic be without a delicious dessert?
I’ve tried this recipe myself and I’m so happy to tell you how easy it is and how good it tastes! So without further ado, let’s switch our ovens on! You’ll only need strawberries, frozen pastry and some sugar.

Go to Popsugar to read all the instructions and in a matter of minutes you’ll be ready for the for the first picnic of the season! My extra tip? Instead of making a big tart, why not cut several mini-tarts? They’ll look much cuter and will be much easier to serve.

PS. Don’t forget your red checkered tea towels, open-toe ballet flats and your brightest smile!