The Colourful Piggy Bank

Categories: Design By Francesco Bassetti

Bank-Salvadanaio-Colorato-EssenzialeYou look at it and wonder: what is that thing?  If it wasn’t for the title of this post you might have no clue at all that this is in fact a piggy bank made from coloured tubes.

Big-Game, a design studio based in Lausanne, makes the essential nature of shapes their mantra, and the project Bank reflects their aesthetic ideals!Bank-Salvadanaio

A coloured tube made from rubber with a small slit at the top that, if pressed, allows for coins to come out. Bank has been produced by Praxis and can be bought here.Bank-Salvadanaio-Praxis

We all know that the temptation to spend our savings is always very strong especially if your piggy bank has an easy way of taking coins out, as well as putting them in! Nice as Bank is, maybe you’re better off with the old piggy banks that had to be broken to be opened!