The Best of Design on Blomming

Categories: Design, Furniture By Francesco Bassetti

green-vegetal chair-Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Here on Blomming we have a great array of brilliant examples in contemporary, eco and innovative design. The chairs above by Cattelan Design are a brilliant example. These are shaped taking inspiration from the world of vegetation, in fact their design, created by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, has been called ‘Vegetal Chair’. This is because of their plant like structure which is made from polyamide, therefore making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You can find them on Blomming in six different colours so if green isn’t your thing, I’m sure you will find an alternative!

chair-design chair-tropicalia-tropicalia chair

And if that type of chair doesn’t catch your eye Gallery09’s selection cannot disappoint. From the ‘Tropicalia’ chair seen above, to the ‘Car Rapideb’ chair below, all of their products are of extremely refined design and embody the Blomming spirit of striving for excellence using innovative techniques.

design chair-wooden chair-funny design

And of course we don’t just stop at design in seating. There are a whole range of great lighting articles such as the EcodesignEureka’s table lamp which is both captivating in its design and effective in serving its function.

table lamp-ecodesign-design table light

And still on the theme of lighting there are a whole range of different design chandeliers that once again unite the prowess of engineering with the taste and flare of modern art.  Tododesign have a simply beautiful example of this in Quasar Holland’s Lamp Helios 10, which can only be described as both coarse yet refined:

tododesign-chandelier-design chandelier-ceiling light-exposed lightbulbs

And finally, last but not least, one of my personal favourites; the wonderful cutlery hanging light made by ideasbecomethings, a true design standard bearer whose use of recycled material and working of metals is quite stunning ;)

cutlery light-cutlery chandelier-cutlery ceiling light-kitchen light

All this and much more in our Design Collection on Blomming!