Tea is Pure Awesomeness – the Best Facts

Categories: Health & Beauty, Shopping By Severine Kaiser

drink teaAt this time of the year, almost everybody is sitting in front of the computer, with a cup of tea in the hand (it is probably the case for half of you people!). For the rebels who aren’t sipping at their cup, I’ll show you enough reasons to think about it twice! It isn’t the second favorite beverage worldwide for nothing – already in ancient times, tea was a medicine beverage. Drinking 2 until 5 cups a day makes your body benefit from following elements.

If you’re on a detox, good news.
Green tea is your new best friend: it’s boosting the exercise endurance and increasing your metabolic rate. What I mean? You can burn 70-80 calories by drinking 5 cups of green tea per day! Also, tea contains very few caffeine, so it is hydrating to the body. And, probably the best thing is that tea doesn’t contain any calories!

This is very important for our busy Blommers: tea is a natural anti-depressant.
Don’t you feel it already while you’re drinking it?;) This is thanks to theanine (an amino acid), which is encouraging mental and physical relaxation: while reducing anxiety, it lifts up your mood. It is a bit like meditating! It is also believed that Theanine increases concentration and memory, and regulates blood pressure.

Our beloved tea can help us from already present healthy matters.
Such as diabetes (type 2): it helps diabetics process sugars. Even for smokers, there is good news: it might lessen the risk of lung cancer. It is also said tea is helpful against bad breath and allergies.

Your health in the future
No, it’s not finished yet. Tea can even be a great help to prevent diseases and illness. We can be grateful to the antioxydants, protecting the body against a lot of cancers, such as breast, liver, skin, stomach… and also keeping your skin young! It also reduces the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular and degenerative diseases (ex: Alzheimer). A sort of all-round talent! And you can accord your tea to your mood… for some fun:
tea effects

You see, drinking tea isn’t only good, it is recommended! And while we’re talking about it – we also love tea so much that we created a collection especially for tea cups, mugs and teapots >>