You know, I’m the type of girl who doesn’t wear watches. Usually. I changed quickly my mind when I discovered the Tikety Toc Online Shop, which sells maily watches and clocks. But they are just so wonderful!! It is not only to see every time how late I am, but also for the pleasure of […]

Perfect Products For The Perfect Dad

It’s Wednesday, middle of the week, which means that our Newsletter is out and filled with amazing and beautiful products. Just in case you missed it, I’ll give you a taste here but, to be always tuned with our selection of stylish and unique products, make sure you Subscribe. It’s very simple, just click here. Well, in […]

Sunday Shuffle: Time for a Watch

For this Sunday’s Shuffle  we have some of the best watches on Blomming. Casual, smart, chic, playful, colourful, wooden … all kinds for any event. As we all know watches are not just for keeping track of time, but also a great way to affirm your identity and style. Don’t miss out on this brilliant Shuffle! […]

WeWood: Wear Wonderful Wooden Watches

I remember being taught as a child how growth rings could be used to determine the age of any given tree. Now with WeWood watches you can read time accurately to the second, rather than to the year, through a more sophisticated growth ring: that of a watches face. We Wood has come up with fantastic watches […]

Shuffle: Nifty Ideas for Presents That Won’t Break The Bank

Take a look at our collection of Gifts under 25€, you will be sure to find a whole range of great but affordable presents, for friends, family, collegues or whoever. For example Qubeat’s slick and simple watch is the ideal present for anybody. It has style and character, whilst at the same time being compatible […]