A great way to improve your Blomming shop’s performances is having access to the traffic data that arrive in your shop. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can get tons of information about your visitors: how many they are, where they come from, if the visits convert (if they end up in a sale or not), […]

DIY: Jeweled Bobby Pins In 3 Steps!

  Bad hair days. We’ve all been there … and it’s so frustrating. When it attacks we have to be prepared to deal with it as stylish as possible. My way? Bobby Pins.  They are practical and can be placed in all ways possible in your head allowing you to style it in many ways but in […]

A Time For Yourself: Homemade Spa

Friday is the day that we start dreaming about our weekend. We feel a bit lazy, tired and need a well deserved break to recharge our batteries for the next week. During a normal week only a few of us can find time to take care of themselves between the work tasks, kids needs and […]

DIY: Flavored Ice Cubes

To start the weekend in a light mood, we decided to offer you a cool Summer tutorial. Some of you are already enjoying your vacations, some are already planning it , while  others are still in the office. The hot days are amazing but sometimes is good to break up the hot afternoons with an […]

The Easiest Strawberry Tart Recipe

This is one of those quick recipes to create the yummiest dessert. When I think of Spring I think of strawberries and picnics in the park. And what would a picnic be without a delicious dessert? I’ve tried this recipe myself and I’m so happy to tell you how easy it is and how good […]

Colourful Umbrella DIY

In theory spring is just behind the corner, but the truth is that the weather is not being nice, and whilst we’re dreaming of flowers, sun and lazy afternoons in the park our daily lives are still dealing with freezing temperatures and rain. I know, it’s awful, but hey even in such gloomy conditions, we […]

Kitty Pocket T-Shirt Diy

Even if the air is not really getting warmer here in England, days are definitely getting longer and I can finally tell that Spring is on its way and I can’t wait! I want to be ready for that day and I think it’s a good idea to start from my wardrobe. I’m gonna need […]

Homemade Chocolate & Honey Face Mask

We already mentioned how much we love to take care of our beauty in a natural way. This is true even and especially when chocolate is involved. Wait, did I say chocolate?! Yes, we did it again, we found another lovely and luxurious recipe to keep your face glowing and hydrated while smelling like the […]