In the last weeks lots of people talked about it as the “algorithm that penalizes pages” and, of course, we are talking about the new important announcement made by Facebook about its Edgerank’s adjustment. Perhaps you already noticed some changes on you pages, such as less interaction like Comments, Shares and Likes, but what is really […]

Social Media Lovers: How to Choose the Items to Promote

As you already know, it’s not necessary having something to sell to participate in the Blomming community! Thanks to the Social Affiliation program, everyone can promote different products, earning a percentage, when these products are sold. If you are a Social Media Lovers, and you have a lot of followers on your blog or on social networks, […]

Blomming Signs An Agreement For Social Commerce With Biggest Italian Website

Italiaonline, the biggest Italian web property, and Blomming has signed an agreement for the development of Social Commerce. With 60% of market reach and 20 million of unique users per month, Italiaonline will give visibility to selected products and exclusive offers coming from Blomming’s Shops. This is already happening on, the online magazine for […]

An Effective Marketing Strategy? Try the Word of Mouth

On Blomming you can open your online Shop and Sell your products all over the world.  But, you still have to get those customers to find your store… so how do you do it? Word of Mouth can be one answer :) Since man began to sell, about 5,000 years ago, the word-of-mouth is a […]

Summer Flavors: Watermelon

Summer and watermelon are a perfect match, as the fruit is made ​​up of 90% water, it naturally makes a delicious hydrant. Ideal to be consumed on the hottest days, it still has the advantage of being low in calories and also bring many health benefits:  1. Anti-cancer Lycopene, the substance that gives the red […]

Infographic: Social Commerce Works! A View From Blomming

For the first time, Blomming releases its data regarding the sales sources on different Social Media, as recorded by their Shops. This is a precious clue to understand trends in Social Commerce. We have created an infographic, that you found here at the bottom, with the analysis of how different channels and social actions impact […]

Blomming’s Latest Feature: Bring your eBay Store to Facebook

Blomming is a Social Commerce Platform addressed to both Buyers and Sellers, so we recently thought: where do these online profiles usually meet and interact? On Facebook, of course! Consequently, we worked hard to release this feature dedicated to eBay sellers, the possibility of easily import all your products in a few minutes and bring […]

Pinterest: What Is It And How to Use It with Your Shop

Created in 2009 and launched in early 2010, Pinterest has really changed the game. It is a visual social network which pleases the eyes of those who use images as inspiration or work. Users share photos that are posted on a virtual “wall” and group them in boards. The site layout brings to mind that […]

Blomming News at the Milan Social Media Week

For all Blommers, Bloggers and Social Media Lovers! We are happy to announce our new addition to the range of wonderful features we have already on Blomming, at the Social Media Week event here in Milan. We want to help you sell more and better and make the most out of your online activity. So, […]

Happy Valentine for Blommers and Bloggers

We Love You Blommers. Happy St. Valentine’s And… -4 To The Big News! #loveblogsday

Blomming wishes all Blommers, Bloggers and Social Media Lovers a very Happy St. Valentine’s Day! If you are registered with Blomming you will have seen it already in this mornings email. If, on the other hand, you are a blogger or a ‘social media lover’ .. we may also have written to you already. In […]