Today we would like to introduce to you an amazing group of people who knit, teach to knit and also knit under your instructions. They go under the name of Knitta! with the exclamation mark to point out their passion for creating beautiful knitted work… even following your requests. Knitta! is a young firm that can rely […]

Crosser Accessories: Eco-Design and Fashion from the Bycicle

It was officially presented two years ago at the toBEeco show, in Turin, and its first items were ecological flip-flop enclosed in an attractive and creative collection. We are talking about Crosser: a brand that, using old inner tubes, produces fashion accessories different from whatever you have seen around, inspired by passion for cycling and perfect […]

Ghigo Style: Your Child As Superhero, Celebrity or Historical Personality

Buying clothes for children is certainly fun! All those sweaters, skirts, shorts, belts and T-shirts equal to ours, but in a mini version. It automatically shows our softer side and unleashes smiles. During our early days, we already develop our personality and even our parents notice it very well, and sometimes we were allowed to dress […]

Kiki Boutique: A Dreamy Vintage Store Now On Blomming

Imagine the charm of a flea market in Paris combined with the sparkling atmosphere of a modern concept store. Join this two amazing things and you’ll get Kiki Boutique, a stylish shop in the heart of Manova, in Italy which spread their lovely products over Europe. Everything started about five years ago when, Elisa, passionate […]

My Little Black Dress

  I always wondered what makes a cloth become timeless. Is the style? The versatility or the color? The Little Black Dress (LBD) designed by Coco Chanel for the first time in 1926  its a simple shape black dress which has practicality become accessible and a must have for every woman. The LBD  is at the […]

5 Simple Tips To Recover Your Skin After Summer

Summer always leaves marks in our life and spend all day in the sun at the beach or swimming-pool is a delight but beyond the pleasant memories, but our skin ends up suffering and left dry, peeled and with spots .   So, besides the fundamental use of sunscreen it is important to take care of skin after […]

Bread Busts:When Food Meets Art

Milena Korolczuk is such a creative person that when taking her breakfast she felt the need to create something. She had a need to do something with her hands while she was eating. This addiction has led to an amazing job: the artist creates faithful bust sculptures of pop culture icons such as Jay-Z and Andy […]

Coffee Art: Meet Matsuno

Making a good coffee is recognized as an art, by lovers of delicacy. However, Art Coffee (Latte Art) actually refers to the design made in the cream of the beverage. Latte is a coffee with a generous amount of foam made with hot milk. In Japan, this art  has been transformed into masterpieces.  Matsuno (known as […]

Tile: Never Spend Time Searching For Your Keys Again.

Who has never lost their keys or forgotten which corner of the house dropped the purse can throw the first stone! Tile is, a small device that was created to help with these minor daily inconveniences. Just pin it on the item you want to monitor and voilà. Like several other amazing ideas, the Tile […]

Soutache and Great Deals

On this week newsletter we bring to you the new trend in accessories: Soutache bijoux.Soutache (“soo tash”)  is a French word thought to have been first used in the mid 1800’s. It comes from the Hungarian word sujtas, which means braid used for trimming. The soutache bijoux are handmade which make each piece unique. The threads used […]