Amazing and Unique Pieces made in Silver and Stones? That´s is Virginie Studio´s , a New Shop from Canada that we now have a pleasure to Welcome to Blomming! Virginie, the artist behind the pieces from VirginieMartinStudio, is from Marieville; a small town near Montreal in Canada. She collected precious jewelry for a long time when […]

Make Your Street Style

  Hey guys, Today is your turn, we are going to talk about your style. Walking on the street and looking at what people wear, you see so many different styles: classic, chic, easy, casual, transgressive, hippy, punk…, Most of them are inspired by mainstream and some of them are very personalized and characterful, but […]

Autumn is here!

Leaves are falling down from the trees, the weather is becoming colder and moody,summer holidays are over… Brace yourself, Autumn is back! But does it mean that our summer mood is gone with the hot days? We believe not. There are plenty of reasons to be glad. You don’t think so? Then we have to […]

The New Blomming Product Page Arrives On Facebook And Blog

Some time ago we launched the new design of  Blomming Product Page : more modern, larger images and thought to highlight your Shop. (we talked about it here). It is functional and has an attractive look that all loved and it is only the beginning! Today, the re-design of the product page also comes to all Facebook […]