For every woman, wearing trend-setting clothes and being in touch with their fashion sense is tantamount to being the talk of the town. My Sister´s Closet  is a store you fall in love at the first sight. The clothes go from Vintage to Street Styles passing through classic, this all without talking about […]

Autumn is here!

Leaves are falling down from the trees, the weather is becoming colder and moody,summer holidays are over… Brace yourself, Autumn is back! But does it mean that our summer mood is gone with the hot days? We believe not. There are plenty of reasons to be glad. You don’t think so? Then we have to […]

Fall's Essentials

Falls Essentials

Let’s face it: going from summer to fall can be painful. Even more than that: it can be traumatic. But luckily there are some tricks to make the shift waaay more pleasant. I bet you can guess what I’m talking about: shopping therapy! According to the new trends, black is back (again) and we’re all […]