Today we would like to introduce to you an amazing group of people who knit, teach to knit and also knit under your instructions. They go under the name of Knitta! with the exclamation mark to point out their passion for creating beautiful knitted work… even following your requests. Knitta! is a young firm that can rely […]

A Women’s Heaven: Le Fate Boutique!

I just found out today that if I went to Le Fate Boutique few days ago I could have take the advantage of a 20% discount! This is the nice deal proposed by the boutique for everybody going to shopping in the day of their birthday. For sure a great gift, don’t you think? Since Le […]

Blomming´s Newsletter: Kids and Family Special

A Persian quote says : “Children are a bridge to Heaven.”  Been a mother is a gift I still haven’t got yet but I am a proud aunt and there is no bigger bless then having a lovely young child in your family.   Thinking about that, Blomming have created the category Family and Kids where you can […]

Miss Texas Chooses GhostZip Fashion Bags, GhostZip Chooses Blomming!

We are happy to announce that Ghostzip USA, producer of the successfull “zipper” fashion bags chosen by Miss Texas, is now selling online and has chosen Blomming as their exclusive E-Commerce partner! Three friends from Milan, Italy, joined together to come up with an idea: a zip that once done up becomes a bag, a clutch, […]

Handmade Bags from Spain: Perfect for the Summer!

We are proud to present El desvan de Victor shop straight from Toledo, Spain. Their collection of bags is sure to knock you off your feet. They have a bit of everything in the way of handmade bags, all decorated exceptionally and all carrying bucket loads of character.   Ideal for the summer, their light patterns, joyful colours […]

Handbags That Carry Character

Moleros’ shop is the perfect example of what Blomming stands for: originality, high quality produce and a dedication toward the satisfaction of customers :) From this Spanish shop you can pick out the bags you like as well as requesting the material you would like them to be made off. This ensures that almost all bags […]


Whimsy Woo Design: Bags For Your Books

Who doesn’t own a make up purse? A phone case? A laptop bag and even a tablet case? We all do. What not many of us own is a bag especially designed to carry our books. Our poor, poor books! So many of us carry a book, especially those of us who commute to work. And […]

cutoutgirls 1

Cut Out Girls: Beautiful, Handmade Bags Made With Wool

The first time I stumbled across the Cut Out Girls it was in Brick Lane (where they usually hold a stall at Backyard market) and, as cheesy as it may sounds, it was love at first sight. They’re two girls who hand-knit a beautiful range of bags, satchels, rucksacks and so on. They usually work […]