For all Halloween fans out there, this is for you! We’ve already shown you where to collect the must-have items for your Halloween Party (in our spooky Halloween Collection, in case you don’t remember) and also which are the best cocktails for a cosy drink between adults. Now, it is also time to involve your […]

Halloween is Knocking on the Door

Did you hear that?… I heard a noise… Oh, it was just the cat playing around. Excuse me, maybe I’m a bit too scared! Soon, the time of the haunting ghosts and the giggling witches is back. And of the children knocking on the door, threatening you to get some candies. Are you ready for […]

Glam Golden Pumpkin via Kandeeland

Home Décor: Halloween Style

Who said that Halloween has to be only about a macabre and creepy mood? While I may like pumpkins and while I really love orange as a color, I don’t really see why I should make my apartment look like a hunted house. Now that the weather is turning bad and days are turning darker, I’d […]