Today we would like to introduce to you an amazing group of people who knit, teach to knit and also knit under your instructions. They go under the name of Knitta! with the exclamation mark to point out their passion for creating beautiful knitted work… even following your requests. Knitta! is a young firm that can rely […]

DIY: Flavored Ice Cubes

To start the weekend in a light mood, we decided to offer you a cool Summer tutorial. Some of you are already enjoying your vacations, some are already planning it , while  others are still in the office. The hot days are amazing but sometimes is good to break up the hot afternoons with an […]

Blommers, Crafters, Makers Meet In San Francisco For The Beauty Of Artisanship

Not as well-know as it should be, this is the Year Of The Italian Culture In The US. And we are really proud to say that, thanks to Fondazione Bassetti, Blomming has been chosen to give a speech within Innovating With Beauty, a cycle of conferences about the new “Makers” culture – together with the […]

I’m Dreaming Of A… Wooden Christmas

Today I thought I would share with you some of the best christmas-y creativity I found on the web. I’ll particularly share ideas that somehow imply the use of wood.  They’re just a few ’cause there are so many beautiful, interesting and clever things out there that I could write 100 posts. Anyways, let’s get started! I […]

Mint Chocolate Lipgloss DIY

If you are a girl (well, you most probably are, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, would you?) then I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love this lipgloss. Not only it is home made – which means it is packed with the most good and lovely ingredients – it also happen to be chocolate-y. So, just to […]

Glam Golden Pumpkin via Kandeeland

Home Décor: Halloween Style

Who said that Halloween has to be only about a macabre and creepy mood? While I may like pumpkins and while I really love orange as a color, I don’t really see why I should make my apartment look like a hunted house. Now that the weather is turning bad and days are turning darker, I’d […]