It’s Christmas Eve and therefore time to make sure that all your presents are nicely wrapped and placed under the Christmas Tree. There are countless ways to wrap presents beautifully without having to buy wrapping paper: old newspapers, tissue paper, boxes, gifts within gifts … the list of tricks goes on … However, if like […]

I’m Dreaming Of A… Wooden Christmas

Today I thought I would share with you some of the best christmas-y creativity I found on the web. I’ll particularly share ideas that somehow imply the use of wood.  They’re just a few ’cause there are so many beautiful, interesting and clever things out there that I could write 100 posts. Anyways, let’s get started! I […]

Shuffle: How Does Santa Choose His Presents?

As Christmas gets ever closer its time to make sure that Santa brings the kiddies some wonderful presents. But, contrary to what is commonly believed, Santa doesn’t always know what each little-person wants. This year we recommended he take a look at our complete collection of Gifts for Kids. Push-cars should not be limited by […]

Shuffle: Nifty Ideas for Presents That Won’t Break The Bank

Take a look at our collection of Gifts under 25€, you will be sure to find a whole range of great but affordable presents, for friends, family, collegues or whoever. For example Qubeat’s slick and simple watch is the ideal present for anybody. It has style and character, whilst at the same time being compatible […]

Shuffle: Boxes and Cards To Make Your Presents Perfect

Every present needs proper packaging and a special card where you can put colour and words to the spirit of Christmas. On Blomming we have the perfect collection of such items that will make your carefully chosen presents stand out even more. So do not panic, just as Zoluska’s shop containers suggest, as Blomming has all the […]