Milena Korolczuk is such a creative person that when taking her breakfast she felt the need to create something. She had a need to do something with her hands while she was eating. This addiction has led to an amazing job: the artist creates faithful bust sculptures of pop culture icons such as Jay-Z and Andy […]

DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers

When the idea is to put the house in order, hide the mess is out of the question. But sometimes is hard to organize some small areas like drawers or cabinets.  Creativity is the key to not get lost in the clutter, especially when space is limited. While searching on Pinterest for a way to […]

An Effective Marketing Strategy? Try the Word of Mouth

On Blomming you can open your online Shop and Sell your products all over the world.  But, you still have to get those customers to find your store… so how do you do it? Word of Mouth can be one answer :) Since man began to sell, about 5,000 years ago, the word-of-mouth is a […]

Travelling: List Shows How Much You Spend Per Day In Various Cities Of The World

  In August, during Summer break is impossible not to think about travelling. It does not matter if is to a city next to yours or to the other side of the world: Is undeniable the value of the a trips in the construction of the human being and the discovery of self and others and […]

Tile: Never Spend Time Searching For Your Keys Again.

Who has never lost their keys or forgotten which corner of the house dropped the purse can throw the first stone! Tile is, a small device that was created to help with these minor daily inconveniences. Just pin it on the item you want to monitor and voilà. Like several other amazing ideas, the Tile […]

Rich Pins and Twitter Cards : New Way To Expose Your Products Now On Blomming

  Pinterest and Twitter launched some new features that can help you advertise your product in those social networks.  Of course Blomming could not be out,  so our Tech Team worked fast in order to be first to deliver you this new features. And here we are: Rich Pins and Twitter Cards are now available on […]

The New Blomming Product Page Arrives On Facebook And Blog

Some time ago we launched the new design of  Blomming Product Page : more modern, larger images and thought to highlight your Shop. (we talked about it here). It is functional and has an attractive look that all loved and it is only the beginning! Today, the re-design of the product page also comes to all Facebook […]

Live Like An Artist

How many of us grew up feeling a little ‘… LikePicasso? How do you recognize the artistic talent? Who knows how to distinguish the real talent from what is not and does really makes sense to make this distinction?! Is not every art, art in someway? Whether you acknowledge it, or deny it, we all […]

Summer Flavors: Watermelon

Summer and watermelon are a perfect match, as the fruit is made ​​up of 90% water, it naturally makes a delicious hydrant. Ideal to be consumed on the hottest days, it still has the advantage of being low in calories and also bring many health benefits:  1. Anti-cancer Lycopene, the substance that gives the red […]

Soutache and Great Deals

On this week newsletter we bring to you the new trend in accessories: Soutache bijoux.Soutache (“soo tash”)  is a French word thought to have been first used in the mid 1800’s. It comes from the Hungarian word sujtas, which means braid used for trimming. The soutache bijoux are handmade which make each piece unique. The threads used […]