10 Tips To Be Happy

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A  study review of 225 studies in the psychological literature, made by two researches from the  University of California, suggests that people who are always happy are in general also successful in many areas of life. Accord to the study, their success is in large part due to their happiness and not the opposite. So, […]

Autumn is here!

Leaves are falling down from the trees, the weather is becoming colder and moody,summer holidays are over… Brace yourself, Autumn is back! But does it mean that our summer mood is gone with the hot days? We believe not. There are plenty of reasons to be glad. You don’t think so? Then we have to […]

Welcome to Blomming: Martap Necklaces

 A small studio surrounded by a breath taking landscape at Lecco, northern Italy, is the origin of the amazing and unique handmade necklaces that you can find at MartaP‘s store that are now on Sale!  Marta Pirolli is a 37 years old Graphic Designer which currently lives in Lecco, a city located between the  lake and mountains. […]

My Little Black Dress

  I always wondered what makes a cloth become timeless. Is the style? The versatility or the color? The Little Black Dress (LBD) designed by Coco Chanel for the first time in 1926  its a simple shape black dress which has practicality become accessible and a must have for every woman. The LBD  is at the […]

First Steps In The Social Network World

Today we will try to help you take your first steps into the world of social networking. We have already talked about “Which social network is “the One” for your business” should use according to your content and the type of audience target. But how to get started “tweeting”, “pin” or post on Facebook? And what is […]

Yuhu! The New Variants Are Here!

Great News for Sellers! One of the most requested feature is now available in your Blomming Shop: Now You Can Add Product Variants such as Color and Size directly in the product page. It´s very common to have products that are available in different colors, sizes, styles and to have other slight differences on the […]

They Draw and Cook: A Fresh and Intuitive Way To Experience Recipes

Nate and Salli are brother and sister, one day while he cooked and she drew food, they invented the site They Draw & Cook; a creative fusion of art, cooking and social media. Nate and Salli came up with the idea of They Draw & Cook while on a family vacation. Nate was trying to recreate a favorite […]

Blomming In America

We have amazing news to share with you all this week. We are proud to inform that we will be part of  two very cool events in the USA:  Disrupt SF 2013 and Pitch San Francisco 2013 TechCrunch Disrupt is one of the most anticipated technology conferences of the year in the Silicon Valley. Every year it reveal […]

DIY: Jeweled Bobby Pins In 3 Steps!

  Bad hair days. We’ve all been there … and it’s so frustrating. When it attacks we have to be prepared to deal with it as stylish as possible. My way? Bobby Pins.  They are practical and can be placed in all ways possible in your head allowing you to style it in many ways but in […]

5 Simple Tips To Recover Your Skin After Summer

Summer always leaves marks in our life and spend all day in the sun at the beach or swimming-pool is a delight but beyond the pleasant memories, but our skin ends up suffering and left dry, peeled and with spots .   So, besides the fundamental use of sunscreen it is important to take care of skin after […]