A great way to improve your Blomming shop’s performances is having access to the traffic data that arrive in your shop. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can get tons of information about your visitors: how many they are, where they come from, if the visits convert (if they end up in a sale or not), […]

The Ultimate 2013 Retrospective: What Blomming Successfully Achieved!

Tadaa! 2014 is finally here! Happy New year, we wish you all the best for 2014 and its surprises. 2013 was a crazy year, right? Also for us in the Blomming Team, it was very exciting. The community grows and grows, we obtained several recognizitions, and our goals become bigger and bigger! We are very […]

Ideas of New Year’s Resolutions for Your Blomming Shop

I’m so excited! Tomorrow evening, the final countdown will begin – ready for the new year and its surprises? We at Blomming are absolutely ready for it! And, as usual, we want to be the best Help for our Blommers to have a bright business. So, of course we are all thinking about personal resolutions, […]

5 Facebook Apps That Will Change your Life

 Did you already open a Facebook Page for your business? If not, it is time for it: check here why you should and how to easily do so. Once you have set up one, we should focus on HOW you can manage easily your Page and WHICH tools you should consider for making it even better. […]

Success Case on Blomming: IdeaCalcio

Today, we are pleased to introduce a recent successful case of a Blomming Shop: IdeaCalcio. Because great stories begin with Blomming! IdeaCalcio – the art of being out of orders within 30 minutes. The story seems incredible – but possible, thanks to Blomming ;) Diego Franzoso is a Football instructor and Coach of the basis […]

Stones and Silver: The Art From Virginie

Amazing and Unique Pieces made in Silver and Stones? That´s is Virginie Studio´s , a New Shop from Canada that we now have a pleasure to Welcome to Blomming! Virginie, the artist behind the pieces from VirginieMartinStudio, is from Marieville; a small town near Montreal in Canada. She collected precious jewelry for a long time when […]

10 Benefits Attributed To Wine

Some people can not resist a good wine during meals, meetings with friends and mostly on special occasions. When comes the chilly weather then, it is almost impossible to resist. Besides the good times it provides, the wine becomes even more pleasurable to be known as an ally of health. But among many qualities, you […]

A Chocolate Bar And My Faith In Humanity Is Restored

This is another inspiring story that reminds us that anything is possible when there is a dream. Dylan Siegel, 6 years, could not sit back and enjoy his normal life knowing that his best friend, Jonah Pournazarian, 7 years old, had been battling a rare and severe, yet no known cure. Jonah has a rare […]

Kiki Boutique: A Dreamy Vintage Store Now On Blomming

Imagine the charm of a flea market in Paris combined with the sparkling atmosphere of a modern concept store. Join this two amazing things and you’ll get Kiki Boutique, a stylish shop in the heart of Manova, in Italy which spread their lovely products over Europe. Everything started about five years ago when, Elisa, passionate […]

Make Your Street Style

  Hey guys, Today is your turn, we are going to talk about your style. Walking on the street and looking at what people wear, you see so many different styles: classic, chic, easy, casual, transgressive, hippy, punk…, Most of them are inspired by mainstream and some of them are very personalized and characterful, but […]