Sunday Shuffle: Time for a Watch

Categories: Design, Shopping By Francesco Bassetti

cili green watch

For this Sunday’s Shuffle  we have some of the best watches on Blomming. Casual, smart, chic, playful, colourful, wooden … all kinds for any event. As we all know watches are not just for keeping track of time, but also a great way to affirm your identity and style. Don’t miss out on this brilliant Shuffle!

lego watch


The lego watchNow you might label me as nostalgic of my childhood, but for me this is a real gem of a watch. Playful, colourful and at the same time well made and sophisticated; this watch was commercialized by lego in the 90s and, although initailly designed for children, it has been successful especially with adults. What is best is that the links on the wrist band are changeable and assemblable, so that you can put them in the order that suits you best… don’t you just love playing with lego!

unique watch- handpainted watch


Next are the watches from IsoleedAcquarelli’s shop. These have got to be amongst my favourite watches. Each one is hand painted with a beautiful and original design which makes them unique. They are incredibly beautiful and sure to be the envy of anyone who sees you with one. It would be great to have a collection of them and pull them out according to what occasion suits what design!
watch-qubeat watch-silicon watch


Qubeat  with their silicon watches are setting a high standard. These watches are sporty, comfortable and virtually indestructable, whilst also being slick and stylish. With their slogan ‘silicon makes you beautiful’ Qubeat  are revealing their goal of making both durable and aesthetically pleasing watches, and they have succeeded.

wewood watch-wooden watch- tododesign watchFrom silicon to wood. Two opposites that are just as appealing. These wooden watches are truly excellent. Made with an eco friendly  approach whereby every watch you buy goes toward planting a tree means that you are wearing a bit of forest on your wrist. The world needs initiatives such as these.

cili red watch


Last, but certainly not least, are Cili watches. These watches come in a huge variety of colours and are perfect for just about anyone. They are small and discreet, whilst at the same time giving you a spice up with their bright colours and simple design. They are ‘the funky way to express yourself’ and with their interchangeable colours there are over 81 variations that can be made. On top of this their innovative slap on bracelet mechanism makes them extremely comfortable and they fit to any wrist size.

Have a great weekend and make sure you keep track of time with our collection of watches! Happy Blomming!