Sunday Shuffle: Time for a Beer

Categories: Food & Wine By Francesco Bassetti

artisan beer-hops and beer

On Blomming we have all sorts of beers: stouts, ales, IPA’s, lagers and the list goes on and on … Although we have already talked to you about the rise in interest for craft beers (read the article) we wanted to make your life easier with a selection of some of our favourite beers and best beer shops on Blomming, all in our usual Sunday Shuffle!

king of hops-toccalmatto brewery-re hop

1) Lets start with the King of Hops (pictured on the label). Produced by the ¬†Italian brewery Toccalmatto, Re Hop is a great, light beer perfect for a sunday afternoon. So, just kick back relax and sit on this ‘royal brew’. You can find this and many more beers at Biberestore.

fraboise beer

2) And, if the King of Hops isn’t your thing, this strawberry brew is a real lady winner. Brewed by Birra Pasturana, they call this one Framboise and you can find it at the Minerva Shop

dead pony club-brew dog

3) Still not what your looking for, then visit 1420’s shop, here you will find loads of British beers, including the Dead Pony Club, produced by Brew Dog, a Scotish brewery that has been growing hugely over the past few years and creates some top notch blends …

lucky brews-japanese beer-japanese raw beer-japanese american pale ale

4) Looking for something exotic. Try Lucky Brewer’s japanese american pale ale, ‘raw but different’ ;)

brew dog punk ipa-punk ipa-brew dog

5) Last but not least, another Brew Dog beer, this Punk IPA is one of the reasons for their great success over the past two years, its got an amazing taste that will turn you instantly into a true beer lover! From AltraBirra you will find a real variety from all sorts of different countries.

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Blomming!