Sunday Shuffle: Picnic And Lunch Outside

Categories: Shopping By Valentina Sangiovanni


The Sunday Shuffle of this week is dedicated to Picnic and outside lunch. The Spring season is the perfect time of the year to spend a nice day out with family and friends. Here you have some ideas for the coming holiday, 1st of May, or the next sunny weekends: barbecue and picnic for a friendly day trip!


To start with we have this Recicled Place Mat, by EffeProduzioniRiciclo. It comes from wood fruit container and will save your grandmother’s tablecloth, when chilling in a public park with wood table and benches.



For a nice romantic day out, Carlotta’s shop presents a nice Picnic Basket for TwoMade up of wicker with a nice vintage touch, it can bring your silverware, multifunctional bottle opener and even two champagne glasses: you will make a great impression on your soulmate.


How about the youngest? We found this sweet Tweety Lunch Set, with due dishes, glass and plastic silwerware. Every child will appreciate the famous Looney Tunes hero.



Every noteworthy picnic will combine awesome wine to your food to go. To present it in a nice way AmbrosioWineExperience, recommend us this glamorous Wicker Bottle BasketTwo bottles of red wine are included in the basket: Rosso di Montalcino e Chianti Classico. You don’t have to mind about the wine’s choice and can reuse it for every other lunch out.


To end a fine meal, even if outside, a dessert is necessary. Instead of bringing your tart in an homemade container, often unsafe, you can use the Cotton Cake Tansporter, by DotBags. Transpirant, washable and padded, it will prevent your cake to become pudding.


After the dessert it’s coffee time. This To Go Espresso Machine is the smallest of the world and it will give you a nice espresso even if you are in the most unaccessable place of the Earth or, more simply, not far from home during a funny day outside!


Happy Blomming!