Sunday Shuffle: Paper Power

Categories: Home Decor, Shopping, Visual Art By Francesco Bassetti

florence cardboard design-cardboard design-zeno pacciani

This weeks Sunday Shuffle is dedicated to all the paper creations on Blomming. Whether these be great wall stickers, nice wrapping paper or  sturdy paper constructions.

First in the list is the incredible shop from Florence: BoommBoomm. Their shop is born out of the ideas of Zeno Pacciani a famous florentine architect and designer whose use of Cardboard is another ingenious expression of green design. From the Florentine skyline to cardboard rocking horses this shop brings out the true potential and power of paper!

noah's ark paper-cardboard ark-boom boom cardboard design

Next in our shuffle is Idea Adesivos. Here you can buy anything from city skylines and jungle canopies, and all to be stuck on the walls of your house so that you can be transported to wherever it is you want to be.

ideas adesivos-wall paper

And if scenery isn’t your thing you can always go for one of their trippy designs. Beautiful although somewhat mind boggling!

psychedelic wallpaper-trippy wallpaper-idea adesivos

Next is As Receitas De Sofia, another spanish shop that has really impressed us. Here you can find slightly more classical designs, with polka dots, flowers and hearts. As far as paper goes they have wonderful notepads such as the one below:

paper blomming-decorated notebook-flower notebook

Or alternatively you could buy yourself one of these beautful boxes, where you can store whatever suits your fancy.

polka box-polka paper box

Happy Blomming!