Sunday Shuffle: Gourmet Food

Categories: Food & Wine, Shopping By Francesco Bassetti

olive oil-extra virgin olive oil

One of the greatest advantages of being an Italian based company is that we have access to an endless array of mouthwatering food products. We have plenty of sellers on Blomming who choose to bring their specialities to a broader audience thorough E-Commerce. It is a wonderful thing to see and to taste! This week I want to give you a culinary tour of Blomming’s Gourmet Foods and all the top-notch produce that can be found on our international platform.

To start with one can’t miss the backbone of the Italian kitchen: Olive oil. Fortunately on Blomming we have a shop that deals in quality, extra virgin olive oil. Olio di Meo are the place to go if you want a taste of what its like to have a meditteranean diet. This oil comes from Puglia in the south of Italy and not only wonderfully tasty but also brilliant for your daily diet and health.

eucalyptus honey-sardinian honey

Moving on from olive oil onto the opposite end of the taste spectrum, and deep into the sweetness of Honey! Straight from Sardinia, in LupoCreativo’s shopyou can get some 100% natural Eucalyptus honey without any added chemicals. A real treat!

hamper bags from sicily

And if your undecided on what to get you can visit Aromi e Sapori Italiani where you can buy hamper bags with collections of typical products. These products, all typically sicilian, are all of the highest quality and can bought as a great present for friends, family or, why not, yourself!

fusilli cilento-artisan pasta-artisan fusilli

Well as we are talking about Italian food one can’t miss out the pasta! These fusilli produced and packaged in the Valle di Diano Natural Park are a real gem. Try them and you will understand the difference between commercial pasta and pasta that is made by artisans! At Il Gusto Del Cilento you can find this and much more…

balsamic vinegar-aceto balsamico di modena

Well if we started with olive oil you have to finish with Balsamic Vinegar. Famous around the world the Aceto Balsamico di Modena is widely considered to be the best. This particular one, found at La Nonna Luisa’s shop, is aged for 12 years and made following ancient techniques and 100% natural ingredients… a real treat!!

fontanaro-tuscan gourmet foods

And if, like me, you couldn’t choose between all these wonderful foods, check out Fontanaro’s shop. You could always buy one of their eco-crates that has 2 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of oil and 2 jars of honey! This organic farm between Tuscany and Umbria embodies the values of the country slow living experience. Relax, genuine foods and if your up for it, you can book a stay in their wonderful guesthouses!