Sunday Shuffle: Week End At The Beach – For Her

Categories: Arts & Crafts, Shopping By Valentina Sangiovanni

Vintage-Print-Beach-BagIf there is something I learned travelling is to pack my luggage in the right way! Unless you have a boyfriend available to bring your luggages up to the Hymalaya, you have to learn how to do smart luggages. This Sunday Shuffle is dedicated to the typical week end on the beach and, I assure you, is not necessary that you bring half of your wardrobe! I understand that you want to be ready for every occasions – from the beach bbq till an elegant dinner – but unpack your luggage and realize that you used just the 20% of its content is tipically female!

Here you can find everything you need on the beach: if you would like to add something, try not to exagerate!

Let’s start with the beach bag: it should be handy, light and functional but also cool. This pink shopping bag with vintage print is a good start! Don’t you think?


Let’s pass to the swimsuit, something very personal for every woman. This bikini is pretty sportish and you can decide to wear it in the bicolor version or the plain one: two outfits for two days… perfect for our luggages. You can buy it at Elda Elegance’s shop, together with a wide range of choices: it won’t be difficult find the right one for you!


From the swimsuit to the sunglasses. In the Bonheur’s shop you can find this Valentino’s sunglasses at an incredible price! With his brown lenses and the embracing¬†frames, it makes you look terrific.



Now let’s talk about the pareo… No, instead, let’s talk about the beach towel… How about if we consider both, in just one piece? This easy pareo/beach towel comes from the Dvk’s shop and will allow you to save space.



Something that you can not miss, during one of the first week end at the beach, is the sunscreen: your skin is not yet used to the sun and you have to protect it, in the right way. At the 3 Star’s shop you can find different levels of protection, choose the one the best fits you skin type.



To end your beach luggage you need now¬†a pair of sandals. If you can’t give up with high heels o you can’t stand the flip flop don’t go on: this one is not for you! Wolf Beater Sandals, very cool and comfy, with the red bow on the side.


Happy Shopping!